'Vanish Rainbow Dash'
'Vanish Rainbow Dash'
An artwork for 'Vanish Rainbow Dash'.
Some attributes
Gender Female
Eyes Unknown (possibly light cerise)
Hair *Light versions:
  • Very light brilliant red
  • Very light brilliant vermillion
  • Very light gold
  • Light sap green
  • Light brilliant cornflower blue
  • Light violet
Skin Very very light cerulean
Voiced by Ashley Berrand
Age 18 (physically)
Residence N/A
Singing voice N/A
Position N/A
'Vanish Rainbow Dash' is a vanish form of 'Rainbow Dash'

Other Basic InfoEdit

  • Used on: 'Rainbow Dash'
  • Cause of transformation: N/A
  • Power (s) Given: Walk through walls and cages, less visible, invisible to anything (can walk and past through them, emerging unharmed or ignored), walk over freezing water, can zoom through the ground


Vanishment and Evaporate!Edit

More coming soon!

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