'Evaporate Rainbow Dash'
'Evaporate Rainbow Dash'
An artwork of 'Evaporate Rainbow Dash'.
Some attributes
Gender Female
Eyes Moderate dark cerise?
Hair Changed:
  • Moderate amaranth
  • Moderate vermillion
  • Grayish olive
  • Dark harlequin
  • Dark cornflower blue
  • Dark purple
Skin Ceruleanish gray
Voiced by Ashley Berrand
Age 18 (physically)
Residence N/A
Singing voice N/A
Position N/A
'Evaporate Rainbow Dash' is the evaporate form of 'Rainbow Dash'

Other Basic InfoEdit

  • Used on: 
  • Cause of transformation:
  • Power (s) Given:


Vanish and Evaporate

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